How to Win Husband Back

How to Win Husband Back in Just 14 Steps

I can’t imagine anything worse and painful than having your husband say, “I don’t love you any longer. Maybe I never did.”

Or, “It’s over. I’m deeply in love with someone else.”

Or–maybe even worse—to uncover those things without him expressing anything.

It’s only natural to be angry at him for being such a thoughtless jerk. As a mere mortal woman, you probably want him to feel hurt the manner he you as he did the horrible thing.

Obviously, there’s no real solace in making him suffer, despite the fact that it’s more tempting than a Cinnabon.

There are, however, various specific steps you can take that can give you real relief from that constant ache, and allow you to put your family back together.

This isn’t conventional marriage advice, so I invite consider staying open to the likelihood you can put every thing right again, but only when you do things very, very differently than you’ve been doing them. This will help you know how to win husband back.

Everything I’m about to suggest will seem contrary. But there’s a strategy to my madness.

These suggestions may appear like radical measures, and this is what I’ve seen breathe new life into a shattered marriages for thousands of women in your distressing situation–and it’s what I did to revive my own broken marriage and win my husband back.

Allow me to share the specific actions I suggest to recover the passion had together at the start :

1. Suspend his sentence temporarily:

How to Win Husband Back in Just 14 Steps

I don’t need to diminish that what he did–moved out, cheated, found somebody else–was an extremely hurtful betrayal. It was the worst!

However he didn’t do it to hurt you. He did it because something was lacking in your relationship. You’ve recognized it too, but didn’t know what to do about it. He didn’t either .

He was fragile because there was so little oxygen in your marriage. It doesn’t make it right, it doesn’t make it fine. It just makes him human–your human.

If you are able to put away his crime at the moment and remain focused on the worthy goal of saving your marriage, you’ll give yourself a big advantage to win husband back.

If you’re having a visceral reaction to this idea right now, remember that I’m in your corner, however this is not the end of the story. It’s just the beginning, and the story will get a lot, better.

2. Get happy:

How to Win Husband Back

I know it looks counter intuitive, because you’re in the worse heartbreak and pain of your life, but it’s certainly vital that you make yourself exceptionally happy right away.

Do everything you need to do to make your self laugh, feel inspired, thrilled, self-expressed, alive, and loved by friends and family.

Yes, you’re in upset and hurt. It sucks! It feels as though your life is on fire, nonetheless you can revive it by choosing to have some amusing moments every day.

I can’t stress this enough. It’s a crucial step to reclaiming what’s rightfully yours: a enjoyable life with a monogamous, playful , romantic marriage. This an important step to learn how to win husband back.

3. Make it short:

How to Win Husband Back in Just 14 Steps

You must realize first that:


You likely have lots to say to him, but consider keeping it as brief and as sweet as possible.

The longer the interaction, the more likely you’re heading down the wrong road.

4. Listen big:

Rather than telling him how hurt and upset you are, contemplate being on the silent side and giving him the room to talk by providing emotional safety—no anger , judgment or tears.

For just one entire evening , or at best one hour, just say, “I hear you ,” or “uh-huh,” and nothing else.

One woman tried this at her marriage counseling sessions, and her husband said, “I keep expecting you to interrupt me but you’re not!” She simply smiled , and it wasn’t long before he moved back home.

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5 . Tidy up your side of the street:

How to Win Husband Back in Just 14 Steps

You have been wronged, and he’s the one who’s behaving improperly. But there’s massive power in examining your side of the street to discover if there are messes you regret and need to clean up.

Search for ways you were critical or controlling. Say , “I apologize for being disrespectful.”

Watch your self-esteem return.

6. Get pleasable:

If your husband attempts to make you happy by any means, big or small (and in my experience, he may), make sure to receive the gesture and reflect your satisfaction at his efforts.

You deserve those endeavours, and he’ll feel awesome realizing he was able to please you. This is rewarding step to take on how to win husband back.

7. Be Thankful to Him:

How to Win Husband Back in Just 14 Steps

With so much going wrong, it can feel really weird to focus on what’s going right. However if you thank him–for continuing to pay the mortgage, for picking up the children, for asking how you are–you’ll be concentrating your thoughts on the things you want, rather than the things you don’t want. What you focus on increases.

8. Avoid marriage counseling:

I brought my husband to marriage counseling believing the shrink would fix my husband and I could finally be happy. Obviously, that’s not the way it works, but no couple ever felt happier by whining about one another for an hour a week anyway.

9. Smile at him:

He’s likely to expect anger or tears. Imagine if you just freaked him out by smiling once he sees you?

You may not feel like he deserves your smile, however imagine if this was more about you than him anyway? Suppose it was a manifestation of your dedication to have a happy life, regardless of what your husband is doing?

If he wants to know why you’re so happy, you could acknowledge that his latest statement or behavior reminded you that life is short and you chose to pay more attention to your happiness.

10 . Stay out of the fence:

How to Win Husband Back in Just 14 Steps

There are going to be times when you feel it’s not worth it, or it’s hopeless and foolish to try to save your marriage and why learn how to win husband back. Certainly you’ll get discouraged , but your vision of staying a happy couple is worthwhile and possible

If you find yourself on the fence about your marriage, find the people in your life who encourage your vision and allow them remind you to jump off on the side of love.

11. Flirt with him:

Flirting is an indication that you feel desirable. You may feel far away from that, nevertheless this is a shortcut for getting back there.

Take your playful self to your conversations with him.

Send a cheeky text. Do your happy dance. Smile when he’s funny, and reference the inside jokes you share.

Flirt and you’ll trick your self into feeling self-confident instead of insecure. Feeling self-confident is the same as being confident.

12 . Make each meeting a date:

How to Win Husband Back in Just 14 Steps

When you see him—even if it’s at the divorce attorney, the marriage therapist, or just to hand-off the kids—pretend it’s a date.

Dress up and look beautiful up. Permit him to open the door and thank him with a candy smile. Have some fun with it.

13 . Seduce him:

It is your husband we’re talking about, so even if he’s being romantic with another person, he’s yours, not hers.

You may be tempted to retaliate by locking him away from the bedroom, but if you’re seeking to restore intimacy you need to start with physical intimacy? It’s a great springboard.

14 . Get Cheerleaders:

How to Win Husband Back in Just 14 Steps

As I stated, this isn’t the usual marriage advice, and you may know a lot of people will tell you to throw the bum out, or find out where all the property are in preparation for a divorce.

Every fantastic come-from-behind-and-win-the-game-story has cheerleaders. You’ll need yours too. Locate the friends, coach or chat group that supports your vision.

I, for starters, am cheering for you to not only save your marriage, but to ensure it is magical again.

I’m not claiming it will be easy, but I am saying it is worth it to feel valued, cherished, and admired by your husband again.

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