A Solution for Crashing Marriages – Free Download Marriage Bible Study

I began praying for my future husband during my teenage years.

It was my heart’s desire.

“I wanted a man that’s kind and funny. It would be more special, if he was tall, dark and handsome. A different ethnicity will be great. Hmm… tall dark and handsome…will do, that’s was my heart desire.”

Isn’t the Lord patient with us?🙂

Just as i prayed, the Lord blessed me with my heart desire. A godly man, who happens to be funny, kind, tall, dark and handsome. Going through the years, my prayers have matured! Now it is not focused around MY wants, but my husbands needs, too and how we can grow spiritually and glorify God through our marriage.

If you’ve been married for a couple of years, then you know it’s not easy. Two different individuals, different experiences and cultural background coming to become “one flesh” will endure some tough trying times.

No matter how long you’ve been married, maybe a week or fifty years. Every Christian couple will benefit from this “mini” marriage Bible study. It is a PDF, so you can download and read on your computer, tablets, phones or print it out. Which ever way you want.

Checklist for a Better Marriage Bible Study

To download this free printable marriage Bible study and discussion prompt, please click on the download button below.

You’ll immediately access your download. Print it out, save to your computer or file it for later.

Here’s a BIG congratulations for you!!! You’re being deliberate, intentional about building a better, stronger marriage and that’s so amazing!

Yay for building God-honoring, Christ-centered marriages!

Grace to you today.


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