How To Save Your Marriage - 9 Facts You Need To Know

How To Save Your Marriage – 9 Facts You Need To Know

Indeed marriage is no bed of roses, there are ups and downs. But when you continuously experience down  moments, and you don’t take decisive action to save your marriage, then you may have set your marriage on the path of a divorce.

Nobody wants to experience such heart breaking journey, even a little, then it is essential you do something urgent to save your marriage.

Listed below are principles on how to save a marriage, this revelation is exactly what you need to hear right now. These are point blank truth that everyone needs to remember as you walk towards saving your marriage.

Believe me, it takes one insight, a specific advise that would solve your marital challenges and help you save your marriage. So i urge to read through and digest all the 7 marriage saving principles.


1. The Smallest Change Can Yield The Greatest Result:

 save your marriage

Change is sometimes difficult and needs a bit of determination. It may feels uncomfortable sometimes and requires you do things you may feel reluctant to do. Nevertheless, when it comes to how to save a marriage, change is inevitable.

If you are not proactive to recognize warning signs in your marriage, then real issues will be let unattended and may get worse.

This doesn’t mean you should change everything about your life and marriage to achieve your set goal. Sometimes such tiny changes can have the biggest impact. Every single idea that comes inside your mind, could be the ingredient to saving your marriage.


2. Check Your Marriage Routine: Save Your Marriage

 save your marriage

In marriage, their are certain routine. These routines can be quite comfortable, and so deadly. Your day to day activity in life determines your happiness and overall health. If you setup your morning routine in a positive note, it will end in a positive feelings.

If you plan and structure your day well, you can be more productive. If you spend quality time exercising, you increase your energy level. Likewise,  If you spend quality time connecting to your spouse, you will feel more closer to them.

How is your routine with your spouse? Are you taking some time to focus on your marriage morning, noon, or night? Are you even taking some time to focus on your marriage at all?

If not, you need to shift your routine to do things that make a difference in your marriage, such as spending quality time together, being intimate, or taking on projects together.

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What is your current routine with your spouse? Are you passionate about your marriage morning, noon or night? Are you even working on your marriage at all, in your day to day routine?

If not, it is advisable to take a step back and reorganize your routine to make a difference in your marriage.


3. Your Altitudes Matters:

 save your marriage

Your perspective towards yourself, your spouse and marriage makes a huge difference in the way you act. If your altitude is a little negative, then it can rub negatively on your marriage.

For example, if you feel you are smarter than your spouse, then you may not value his or her ideas, suggestions or requests. Likewise, if you feel your level of intelligence is better in the end, your suggestion will always come first. If that’s the situation, your marriage is standing on a knife edge.

The bottom line is that you need to have a positive attitude about yourself in the relationship, your partner, and marriage. If you are being negative about any one of those things, then there will be problems in the marriage, so tweaking those perspectives can make a huge difference.

If you allow negative energy around any of these factors, then you invite problems your  marriage, so changing those altitudes can make a big difference.



4. Avoid Being Boring!!

 save your marriage

Spice up your weekends, why go to the same place every time. Why repeat the same date night location. If you are not spicing up your marriage, it may leads to boredom in your marriage.

Think about your first date night? I believe you felt those butterfly in your stomach. Everything seems perfect, being together. This how your marriage should feel. Because your partner is fun to be with, your marriage improves and become exciting.

Once in a while,be romantically unconventional, go hiking instead of reading those papers or staying late at work. Think out of the box, try a date experience you’ve never done before.

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Play games at home, do new things together, learn how to dance together. Rediscover your spouse, this reignites the passion in your marriage and builds a lasting memory.


5. Laughter Heals:

How To Save A Marriage From Divorce

How often do you smile with your spouse. Do they make you feel is less important? That’s not good! One of the most effective ways to save a marriage is through laughter, funny jokes.

Psychologists realized that couples who often laugh together, feel more relaxed and satisfied in their marriage. Laughter can relieve a lot of mental stress and tension that comes from feeling frustrated.

It have been found that men who frequently laugh with their spouse becomes more closer and develop higher level of passion towards them! That’s a big antidote for a struggling marriage.

This does not mean you should make fun of each other. That can have a damaging effect  and hurt your spouse feelings. One person can feel inferior than the other person, bringing your whole to a painful end.

However, find quality time for real laughter. Take about fun childhood memories, funny comedies or documentaries. Go to a comedy club. Be spontaneous and have some fun and enjoy every moment in your marriage.


6. Be Romantic:

How To Save A Marriage – 9 Known Facts You Need To Know

When experiencing challenges in marriage, romance is almost non existent. Romance flourish when both partners are in good state of mind. No matter how you feel, it is vital you nurture your marriage romance!

Try to put away your difference. Fine tune your mindset and be romantic to your spouse, it builds instant connection and mends broken hearts. This gesture can open lines of communication, develop positive expectation. Which creates a sense of belonging and willingness to save the marriage.

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The very purpose why two of you are together is “love”. After a tensed argument, you may be waiting for your spouse to make the first step, which may happen or may not. You need to purge yourself of any self pride and take a bold step to save your marriage.

It’s a win, win situation, you have to a play role, never leave anything to chance in your marriage.

Take your destiny into your hands and change your life.


7. Some Things Are Impossible to Change:

For instance, you and your spouse are compatible along all areas except for travel. You may be outgoing, adventurous and love discovering new places, which makes you feel more alive! But, to your spouse, its a little exhausting.

They may love staying at home laying on the sofa, where they feel relaxed and in control.  If you can’t find a middle ground on your needs, dragging your spouse on your favorite getaway, may be a big mistake that might turn out bad. Being married doesn’t mean you have to like the same things.

If you love to travel, you can go alone, enjoy the moment and come back to your spouse. Share videos or photos of your experience. This will bring a positive feeling and rejuvenate your marriage.

Accept your individual difference.


8. Negative Emotions Can Hurt The Marriage:

If your state of mind is resentful, angry, hurt or jealous, then your marriage will be affected
negatively. Any advice on how to save a marriage will be meaningless, failure to master your emotions, is a warning signal that may affect your marriage.

First of all. You need to filter out negative those emotions. That means you need to rise to a level of self awareness.

Building up false imagination about your partner in your head, not only gets you worked up, but builds a stumbling block. You can’t assume your spouse is feeling something, just because you believe they are.

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Like wise you cant assume they are sneaking around, just because you think they are. You need hard facts, not imaginations.

It’s important you develop an optimistic mindset, you become less reactive to certain emotional issues that may cause a bunch of problems in your marriage. When you trust your spouse and your marriage, it creates a great bond and affects your behavior positively as you will be much more patient, gentle and compassionate.


9. Saving A Marriage Requires A Lot Of Time:

You need to invest quality time to save your marriage, spouse and yourself. No matter your work schedule, you need to find time to work on it. By taking a bold decision to drop some things in your life that is pushing you away from your family.

What you make time for in life is what ends up having results. As you want to save your marriage, you will have to do it.  Otherwise, whatever you put top priority will succeed while your marriage fails. And that is not our portion.

God bless you and your marriage.

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