7 Things Men Want But Won’t Ask For – What Men Really Want

What are the things men want from you that they’re never going to ask you for? In this article, I’m talking about seven things men want from you in their relationship that they’re very rarely going to ask about.

Let’s be honest. Men aren’t always the best communicators. Sometimes, there’s things they want to see or feel or hear from you that they’re not necessarily good at asking for.

Now, I’m not defending men with this, but in this article I’m talking about seven things men love to feel from you in your relationship that they’re not so good at mentioning. 


1. Live Your Passions Right Throughout the Relationship:

Express love

Whether it’s creative pursuits or building a business that you love or planning an overseas adventure or pushing hard forward in your career that you enjoy. Esther Perel’s research found that people were most attracted to their partner when they were just out of reach doing something they love.

If you’re holding an orange bowl, it’s fairly hard to lust after an orange ball. You can’t literally lust after something that you’re holding. But when the orange ball is just over there and it’s a great orange ball, you want to go and get the ball.

When you’re living your passions right throughout the relationship, you’re doing things that you love.

He gets to watch on. He gets to see you at your best. He gets to desire you and have that little bit of space to want to bring you back in. Man aren’t so good at asking for it, because they worry that if they say that, you’re going to think it means that they don’t want to spend time with you.

But the reality is, they love to see you do that, because they love to see you in your best energy. 


2. Spend Time With Your Friends:

Spend Time With Your Friends

This is another one men really struggle to ask, because they’re worried that if he says, “Hey, why don’t you go spend time with the girls tonight?” You’re going take it as “Oh so you don’t want to spend time with me.” It’s not that at all.

It’s just that he wants to have that space. He wants to see you at your best. He wants to desire you. I’ve never met a man who wasn’t more attractive to a woman when she was off spending time with her friends.

He knows that maybe other men will be approaching you or maybe you’ll just be out there doing your own thing for a while and he gets to wonder, “I wonder what she’s doing. Where is she? I get to feel that and then I get to want her back.”

A man telling you to spend time with your friends isn’t him saying, Hey, I don’t want to spend time with you.

It’s just him saying, “Hey, we do need space in this relationship to be as attracted to each other as possible and I want and desire you, so go spend time with your friends so I can grab you back.” 


3. Trust:

Trust in marriage

Trust is so important in a relationship and a man wants to feel like you trust him. Now, this doesn’t just mean with fidelity. This doesn’t just mean, “Hey, I can be trusted to spend time with my female friends or with other women or at a holiday, wherever it is, and you’ll trust me.” He also wants to feel trust day to day.

When you trust him, it makes him feel like a man. It makes him feel like he can take care of business. When you don’t trust a man, behaviors like mothering come up.

Behaviors like nagging come up, “Oh, did you book the appointment? Oh, why didn’t you book it all? I’ll just do it. Oh, don’t fix your tie.” It’s communicating that you don’t trust him and men’s egos, men’s brains have evolved to tell them they are good if they can be trusted.

If the woman, women in their life can trust them to take care of business. and communicate to your man that you trust him in every area of life, then he’ll feel like a man who can step up, take care of business and be the man for you. 


4. Acceptance of His Help:

Have you ever noticed how in disaster movies or horror movies, it’s usually the women and the children that get saved first.

This is not coincidence. Biology was very smart and evolved to give us brains that knew that protecting the women was more important because if a tribe had a lot of women, and even if it only had a few men, it was more likely to survive and reproduce than the other way around.

Men’s brains are programmed to help women. They feel like men, they get chemically rewarded literally when they help you. Now, we’re not in tribes anymore, but it doesn’t mean men aren’t carrying those old brains.

When a man offers to help, he’s not saying that you need his help even necessarily. He’s not saying that you’re useless. He’s just saying, “I want to feel like a man and I want to feel like I can contribute.” He gets chemically rewarded and you allowing him to help you accepting his help doesn’t mean that you’re useless.

It doesn’t mean that you even need it. It just means that he can feel like a man when he’s around you. But if your man is hot or cold, acting distant or putting you last on the priority list then you will definitely want to see this


5. Let Him Lead:

Let him lead

Men can sometimes be funny about asking for you to let him lead, because maybe he feels like ,if he has to ask, then he’s not much of a man, because he shouldn’t even have to ask whatever it is. Men want to feel like leaders some of the time.

See men’s biology was programmed, you know, to be big in their tribe to gather resources, so that the women would find them attractive and he’d get good feelings and good chemical rewards for doing that.

Letting him lead is important because it’s going to give him that feeling in your relationship.

No, not every man has the opportunity to be leader of a big corporation or to lead a country. But like I say in your relationship, that’s an opportunity for him to lead.

So give him the chance. It doesn’t have to be all the time, but give him the chance to lead. He’s going to feel like a man and even though he doesn’t want to ask for it, he’s going to feel great and thankful that you did. 


6. Love and Appreciation:

Love and relationship

Men are really bad at asking for love and appreciation from you, but they will always need it.

You need to show him love and appreciation right throughout your relationship, because even though he never asked for it, he really, really wants it. 


7. Respect:

Respect in marriage

Things that men won’t ask for, but they really want from you is respect. A man always wants to feel like your man and he always wants to feel like you respect him. Now. Don’t just respect him for him though. Respect him for you.

Respect is the most important thing that you can possibly give to someone and you can possibly create in your relationship. If you’re committing to someone you don’t respect or if you don’t respect your partner then issues will arise causing problems in the marriage.

Seriously though. Respect your partner always. Even if, even if there’s a situation where he’s disrespecting you, it’s not a reason to disrespect him back.

It might be a reason to put your standards in place. It might even be a reason that you need to end that relationship, but you never want to disrespect your partner.

Respect is something that men will rarely ask for, but always want to feel from you to feel great about themselves and great in your relationship with you. 


Final Word:

It’s no secret that most men only want one thing, right? Well it turns out that’s not only wrong, but may actually be the root of many failed relationships.

In fact, the one thing men are universally obsessed with… Is actually a feeling he’s been chasing his whole life.

It’s an elusive combination of emotion and biological drive that’s rarely satisfied in life or love. And when you know how to satisfy this life long obsession…

He will make it his life long mission to cherish and please you…And he will pursue your love to the ends of the earth.

Here’s a video you won’t want to miss that shows you how to become your man’s deepest obsession:

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