7 Proven Ways to Prevent Infidelity

Marriages are under severe attack by internal, external, physical or spiritual forces. I’ve come to see loved ones, close friends, respected leaders destroy their marriages through a single act of infidelity.

Whenever i read about a couple tragically caught in the web of adultery. I’m moved to go beyond the limits, to prevent any further occurrence of infidelity, within and outside my circle.

This is because without the right knowledge to safe guard a marriage, it could happen to  anybody.

No matter your religious, political or community status, a marriage can be over with one single act of infidelity. I refuse to go down that dreadful path, and i know i can’t rely on my good intentions or will power, to safe guard my marriage and YOU shouldn’t either.

Below are 7 Laws of Fidelity, It’s a guideline i use to safeguard my marriage. These may look a little intimidating at first, but there is nothing too big to overcome, when it relates to safeguarding a marriage.

If you’ll take it upon yourself, to follow these laws in your marriage, when trials and temptations come running your way to inflict damage. You’ll be prepared and safe from any attack.

These “Laws” are NOT borne out of lack trust in my marriage; they’re motivated by a deep love and respect for my wife and for the sacred vows i pledge to her.

1. I never meet a woman alone other than my wife.

prevent infidelity

I shy away from any closed meeting or quick lunch with any woman except my wife (or sweet mom) unless it’s a group of people. I’m never seen in private conversation or public meet and greet alone with a woman.

This law safeguards me from temptation, it protects my reputation and honors my wife. Even at a counseling session with a woman (which i try to avoid), i ensure the door is wide open.

I don’t create an impression, where suspicion and whispers of improper conduct could be thought of.



  1. Thandi Mangolele

    It’s very interesting to to know that we should be open about our life, but unfortunately mine is very different or should i say he keeps things to himself. He doesn’t share that much, he does everything alone

  2. Thandi Mangolele

    It’s so inspiring to know that we still have people who have morals

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