7 Lessons I Have Learned in 7 Years of Marriage

This is a life changing experience from a married couple celebrating their marriage of 7 years. It is a reality check list revealing the key ingredient to a lasting sustainable relationship.

Jennifer carefully reflects what it took for her to survive those 7 years and experience a blissful and happy marriage in this challenging times. This is how she described her marriage journey. Take notes.

1. Investment Is Everything And Stay Prepared:

My husband and i enrolled in a 6 months pre-marital counseling before we decided to walk the aisle. The lesson learn’t was insightful and provided a different perspective to our believes about marriage.

At first we thought our love and commitment was enough to overcome any marriage difficulty, but during the premarital counseling, we discover a lot needs to be done. I would definitely recommend pre-marital counseling for every couple.

You may be tempted to end the class half way, thinking you both can figure the rest. Believe me, 6 months is not long to when it comes to choosing your spouse. Be prepared and cover as many topic, as you can to help you in this lifetime journey.

There are certain things life throws at you, when you are married that it’s hard to prepare for while dating or engaged. That is why it is most critical for husbands and wives to invest in their marriage. Get wisdom at all course. Be open to counseling if the need arise, read books, attend marriage conference, do not relent to invest into your marriage continuously.

The more you take out time to invest, the greater your return and the more blissful your marriage will be. Investment welcomes growth. This growth will equip you with the necessary tools to safe guard your marriage.

During the first years of our marriage, i neglected the necessity. Not until our third year of marriage, i read my first marriage book sent to me by a friend. Don’t follow similar step, get you hands on any good marriage book, enjoy every bit and let your heart be refined.

2. Love, Unconditionally When You Don’t Feel Like it:

In the world today we are taught what we feel is everything. Its certainly not. Although feelings can stir our heart to the right direction, but also can lead us astray acting selfish and self centered. We need to rely on the truth rather than what we feel.

I experienced this earlier in my marriage, when the challenges seem un-surmountable. As much as i tried, the love for my husband dwindled. It was all about my feelings! What do i do, i was overwhelmed!

In fact, i wanted to divorce him and start all over.I thought we made a big mistake. If i had followed my feelings and continue to take decision based solely on how i was feeling, at that time over the truth. I wouldn’t be celebrating 7 years with my husband.

What i discovered is that unconditional love is far more powerful, than a feeling, because its a choice. Yes it is a choice to stay in love, when you don’t feel so in love. This is the bedrock of true love, powerful, transforming, and long-lasting

3. Life Happen, Be Flexible And Faithful:

Things are bound to happen, our expectations may be cut short once in a while. Rather than sulking about it, or looking for a pity party, remain steadfast and faithful. Take a stand and remember that God is in the driving seat. Trust God with your life and marriage.

Never shy away from challenges, unwanted circumstance and obstacles. Allow God to steady the storm in your life and marriage. While your nurture your character as you exercise spiritual muscles. When you realize you need patience in certain area of your marriage and succeed at it, you are becoming stronger.

Marriage sometimes demands flexibility. No matter the pressure, stick to your vows, even when you don’t feel like it. Doing these reveals the type of person you are: dependable, loyal, loving,  trust worthy,  kind, forgiving, awesome.


4. Keep Your Eyes On Christ, No Matter The Situation:

Always keep your eyes on Jesus Christ, reading examples shared about Him through Scripture. The more you study the character of Christ, the more you look, talk and walk like Him.

The remarkable event that took place in the garden of Gethsemane is a powerful depiction of unconditional love and it transformed my husband and I inside out.

I can confidently say it played a huge role in saving our marriage. Thank You Jesus! He layed the foundation for us to live in love, grace and wisdom.

5. Justifications Are Meaningless And Hurtful:

Whenever i do things that hurt my husband or made a mistake, and was called out for it. I try my best to justify my actions! No matter how reasonable i may sound, all i was doing was covering my sin.

Sin kills marriage! Word of advise, try not to make excuse for your sin and never justify why you are right and he is at fault. Just accept your mistake, apologies and turn away from it.

Desire to become a better person for your spouse’s sake. I wish someone told me this earlier on.

If you are not sure how to save your marriage check out this awesome resource HERE.

6. Never Ever Stop Playing With Each other:

My husband and i don’t play quite often as we did while dating, but it is what we have to imbibe more in our marriage. Playing, in whatever means we choose help us take our minds away from adult stuff and concentrate more on yourself.

We need to always be close and affectionate. Playing together brings laughter and takes away stress.

7. Prayer Is Essential, Do It Every day:

Prayer is the key, it is the master key. Putting your marriage petition before God and submit it before the Lord is a beautiful thing. Prayer is intimate and affirming.

I can’t count how many times, i was off the edge or we were fighting and my husband said to me, “We need to pray.” The love of God will cover us back. Always pray for your marriage, pray for one another and pray with one another. Every single day.

Prayer is essential and it is intimate. Going before God to petition for your marriage and to submit it before the Lord is a beautiful thing. Prayer is unifying and affirming.

I can’t tell you how many times I was feeling off or we were fighting and my husband turned to me and said, “We need to pray.” Immediate peace would cover us. Pray for your marriage, pray for yourselves, pray for one another and pray with one another. Every single day.

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