7 Common Habits That Lead To Divorce

Every couple exchanged vows and one of those words are  “til death do us part,”
but for a number of marriages, their vows to remain “forever” is threatened or ruined by
divorce. According to statistic from CDC, America averages a divorce for every 36
seconds. That’s estimated 2,400 divorces every day, 16,800 divorces every week and a mind
blowing 876,000 divorces per year.

So, how can marriages be saved from this epidemic called divorce. To make it more
personal, how can YOU protect YOUR Marriage? You can protect your marriage by avoiding these common bad habits. This means, you need be steadfast and knowledgeable in order to conquer this “evil” called divorce.

The seven habits that lead to divorce are…

Sign #1 – Being Suspicious With Your Online Activity

The importance of smart phones cannot be overemphasized, the benefits of connecting with loved ones, 24/7 internet access and the social media helps us stay connected.

BUT beneath this wonderful benefits, they’re also a form of distraction, addiction and opens the relationship to temptations. If by any chance you’re having secret online conversation or visiting a website that you know your spouse will not approve, you’re already in trouble. Cultivate the habit of being honest and transparent with each other.

Let your smart phone or other gadget be a tool that keeps you connected to each other;
not a tool that drives you apart.


Sign #2 – Separating Everything Into “His” and “Hers”

When couples have a separate bank accounts, separate friends, separate hobbies and separate dreams, they’re unknowingly putting their marriage at risk, while living separate lives. Marriages entails togetherness; divorces promotes division. The more a couple shares together, the stronger the marriage becomes.

If your marriage is facing challenges right now.

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Sign #3. Putting The Marriage “On Flight Mode” While Focusing On The kids

Sadly I’ve seen quite a number of marriages crumble, because both the couples put
so much energy on their children, that they completely neglect investing in their marriage.

Some couple turn their relationship into a partnership in co-parenting, and eventually
when the children are grown up, the marriage struggles due to years of neglect. Let your children see the gifts of a loving, thriving marriage. As much as you invest in them, also nurture and invest in your marriage.


Sign #4. Keeping Grudges And “Taking Score”

If you’ve been married for more than fifteen minutes, there’re chances that your spouse may have offended you or you’ve done something wrong to offend your spouse. If out of anger you used hurtful words, be quick to say “I’m sorry” and seek forgiveness.

Whenever you feel offended by your spouse, you need to forgive easily, so that bitterness and strife will not take root in your heart. Never use past mistakes as ammunition in
arguments. Allow grace into your home and let it flow freely in your marriage. No marriage can survive without it.


Sign #5. Depending On “Feelings” More Than Your Commitments

There are going to be days, when you feel like being single. But feelings are temporary and they should not serve as a compass to guide our decisions. Feelings often mislead us into sinful act such as adultery. The wise and healthiest couples have discovered that marriage is a commitment: not a fickle feeling.

Their commitment to one another supersedes any type of feeling. The virtue of that commitment helps a couple build stronger connection, deeper intimacy and happier marriage.


Sign #6. Taking Decision Without Consulting Your Spouse

Most times pride stands as an obstacle in many marriages. Our pride makes us feel, we don’t have to answer to anyone. Pride is dangerous and the root cause of so many failed marriages. The healthiest couple understand this concept, and know every decision made as individuals, will have a ripple effect on each other. So they come together as one and consult each other in every decision.


Sign #7. Trying To Change One Another

When you insist on changing your spouse, you’re only causing more harm to the marriage. What i have learned over the years, is that you cannot change anyone, except they choose to change.

But you can only love one another. The only person you’ve power to change, is the person that reflects in the mirror.

Appreciate your spouse, true love is blameless. Look for opportunities to serve one another, even in difficult times. Your marriage will continuously grow and flourish.

If you’re a experiencing challenges in your marriage, please don’t lose hope.

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