6 Telling Signs Your Spouse Is Having An Affair

Is your spouse having an affair? In this article i will share with you 6 signs that this could be happening to you. Infidelity is one of the biggest marriage destroyers.

And a lot of times, even the strongest marriages can’t  survive infidelity. But before I dive into these signs, I have to reveal some important facts and these facts could be a little unsettling to you no matter what situation you’re in.

Fact Number One: Your partner could be showing almost all of these signs and still not be cheating on you.

You have to take this fact with a grain of salt, because you can never be 100% sure until your partner admits it to you or if you catch him or her red handed.

However, the signs I’m about to reveal are most definitely an indicator of something wrong in your marriage, so it’s important to keep this in mind moving forward.

The Second Fact: Your partner could be displaying almost NONE of these results and STILL having an affair on you.

In fact, its estimated that a vast majority of affairs go undetected. I know, if you’re in an happy marriage, this can be a hard fact to swallow, but facts are facts.

Unfortunately, some people can be such amazing liars that their partners never find out. We also have to keep in mind that affairs can happen in good marriages too. Just because an affair takes place doesn’t mean the person committing the act is evil or an awful person.

It is possible to salvage a marriage even after something as daunting as an infidelity. Just remember that no matter how difficult things may be for you in your marriage, you must maintain a strong, confident, and positive outlook if you want to have any chance to save your marriage.

So without further ado, here is my list of the top 6 signs your spouse may be having an affair.

6 Telling Signs Your Spouse Is Having An Affair

#1. Your Spouse Gets Aggravated Easily:

If your spouse is constantly picking fights with you about seemingly mundane things, it might be a sign that something is brewing deep down inside.

So if your spouse is making you feel like you can’t do anything right, or you just seem like you can’t do anything to make your spouse calmer and more forgiving, it could be a sign their mind has been wandering lately.

If this is happening to you, its important to NOT snap back at your spouse for now, keep a cool head and find the right time to calmly ask your spouse why they’re acting this way.

#2. Your Spouse is Becoming Emotionally Distant From You:

If your spouse is acting a little quieter, more withdrawn, or even depressed and sad, it could be a sign that there’s something going on that he or she isn’t telling you.

Again, like I said at earlier, this might be a sign of something that has nothing to do with an affair, but be rest assured that if your spouse is acting this strange, you can bet there’s something up.

Tread carefully when you’re with an emotionally distanced spouse, if something is really bugging him or her, you could really tip them off with the wrong words.

Instead of prying, approach your spouse from a position of support say something like, “I know something is wrong, and I really want to help. If you don’t want to talk about it now, then I understand”.

Start from there and see where it goes.

#3. Your Spouse Is Working Longer Hours:

If your spouse is working beyond their typical work hours, then this might be a sign that there’s some infidelity that might be happening.

If he or she is coming home late and/or taking some strange work trips, this can be a big indicator of infidelity.

#4. Your Spouse Wants More “Space”:

If your spouse is uncharacteristically asking for more space or ‘room to breathe’, you can be sure that something is up…especially if things haven’t always been this way.

If your spouse is asking for more space, then give it to him or her and continue monitoring how they’re acting. Sooner or later, you’ll be able to bring up this issue to your spouse and attempt to get to the bottom of their peculiar behaviour.

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#5. Sudden Interest In His/Her Physical Appearance:

This one is a little bit strange, if your spouse is suddenly paying close attention to their appearance, it could be a sign that he or she is trying to impress someone else.

For example, if they’re buying new clothes, going to the gym, making sure their hair is spot on before he or she goes out, it could be a sign that they’re seeing someone they want to impress. This is especially suspicious if the desire to look good comes along suddenly.

#6. Your Spouse is Suddenly a Stickler For Privacy:

This should be a pretty obvious one, but its worth noting. If your spouse is suddenly scared about you prying into their life, then this is a huge red flag.

Its important that both partners maintain some level of privacy in a marriage, however, if you feel like your partner is taking it too far, then you can be sure that they’re hiding something.

Here’s my favorite test, the next time you and your partner are together, pick up their phone and say you need to Google something. If they start freaking out, then you know something is up. Same goes for their computer any sort of suspicious behavior involving their electronic devices might be a big clue.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list of signs your spouse may be having an affair. If you feel like your spouse might be cheating on you!

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