6 Easy Steps I Used To Win His Heart Over Again

Trying to win back the love of your husband? But nothing seems to work! I
understand how you feel. Every relationship is unique and what works for one person, may not apply to the other person.

There are certain laws that every man respond to.You can call it the “Men code”. These are practical laws that resonates with most men. In this article, i revealed six steps you can implement to win back the love of your husband, using what i learned from the men code.

Men Code 1: Learn to Keep His Secrets!

How to Win His Heart

Keep his secret and win his heart!

As a wife you are your husband’s closeness allies, so when he tells you something really personal and ask you to keep it to yourself, then ensure your lips are sealed. It will be awkward  to share his secret with your best friends, church member or even family members. How will you feel, if he tells his mate what you told him in secret?

This will only make him upset, knowing his wife is discussing personal matters with other people, putting their issues outside for public discussion. Besides that, it promotes an unhealthy relationship, where trust becomes shattered.

No matter how you love and cherish your friends, not all of them want to see you happy enjoying your marriage. Some friends harbor jealousy inside and work exceedingly hard to tarnish your marriage. So be careful, be wise, your husband is your best friend, your love and confidant.

Men Code 2: Smile, Be Patient and Don’t Take Things Too Serious!

How to Win His Heart

Punishing your man with a random mood swing due to something as little as a joke, seems too petty.

I know most times women experience some emotional stress during their menstrual cycles, but some women use it as a tool to throw mood swing at everyone, most especially their husbands. If you want to win back the love of your husband, you must shy away from using your period as an excuse to be moody.

Smile radiates a woman’s beauty, it’s tender, warm and contagious. A woman who loves to smile can melt the heart of a man a thousand miles away. So keep a smile on your face always, don’t let the problems of the world weigh you down. Do your best and leave the rest to God.

This means don’t get upset with him for silly reasons. It could be because he hangs with the guys too often. Or you find it hard to keep up with your favorite TV series, due to his favorite sport show falls on the same time as yours.

Men Code 3: Trust More and Allow Him To Have His Space

This is one aspect every man dream to experience in a relationship. . .

Yes! he loves you, but it’s impossible to be with him 24/7. There is time for everything, allow him to have some space to do what he loves, like going fishing, spending time with his friends. This is where trust plays it role, trust is never insecure. It brings confidence and assurance that your man loves you and will never “sneak” behind your back.

Don’t be like some ladies who never allows the phones of their spouse to rest for just 5 minutes. “Dann Where are you”! “What are you doing” “Why haven’t you checked up on me”.

It’s too much for any man to handle…This doesn’t show that you truly love him, but you’re suspicious of his activities. What it means is that you don’t trust him a 100%. It is a red-flag for most men.

Trust is one of the most important ingredient for love to flourish. If you can’t trust in a marriage, it’s hard to find love. If you love him, then you should trust him, if he loves you, be rest assured, he will never cheat on you. It’s that simple.

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Men Code 4: Don’t Flirt with other Men:

How to Win His Heart

Most especially with his own friends or colleagues!

Men are naturally jealous and protective of their woman. No man wants to see his woman flirting with his friends or colleagues. You may say “am friendly and chatty person” and people easily connect with me. As good as it sounds, you’re not only disrespecting your husband, but opening the doors of your marriage to temptation. The Bible made it clear “Flee from temptation”.

You need to create a relationship boundary for every man aside your husband. No one should have your affection except your man.


Men Code 5: Love and Respect His Family members:

Putting specially attention to his mum and dad…

This is by far one of the easiest way to win a man’s heart. Learn to love his parents no matter how they feel about you. Believe me most parents are amazing, but you need to know them, find out what they like, spend quality time.

Every man cherishes a woman, that treat his parents as one of her own. Show them love and respect and watch how it will impact positively on your husband and marriage. Another great advantage to this is that whenever there are issues between both of you, his parents may be on your side of the fence and back you up because you sowed a seed of love in them.

Men Code 6: Be an Attentive listener!

Even when he is going off tangent and talking about the most pointless thing ever…

Every woman loves to talk and express herself. It is good, but some ladies, love to talk over their man. You may be right, but not listening or giving your man a chance to speak is mind is totally wrong.

When you are done, let me talk and you patiently listen. Even if you know what is telling is completely out of place, just learn to listen to him. It won’t take anything from you. But shows your love and value is opinion. This will make him happy and you in return.

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  1. Elaine Evenson

    Amazing article. Every tip illustrated will definitely make a difference in my relationship. Men code 2 is one virtue, i would love to master. Sometimes it could a little challenging, but i know it is very achievable.

  2. I have a question.. I do all these things, and yet. He works 24/7 practically, so it is impossible to get at least one day out of every week to see him. He barely talks to me when he’s on break, I I don’t even know if he even gets one. And his days off aren’t really days off at all for him. What should I do?

    • I understand how you feel, His job has become an obstacle in your marriage. First of all you need to pray for God’s divine intervention. During his off days, try to have a deep conversation with him. Let him know how much his absence hurts you.

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