5 Ways To Spark Intimacy In Your Marriage!

Intimacy is a crucial part of marriage. It is through intimacy couples develop a deep sense of emotional connection and bond that supersede any other relationship one could have.

It is vital that we strive to cultivate intimacy in marriage. There are various ways a husband and wife can achieve this emotional connection. This may require some time, energy and persistence, but it’s well worth the effort.

For most people, the word intimacy is associated with sex. Yes sex can be seen as an intimate act, enjoyed by the husband and wife. Sexual intimacy is a key element, but so are these other intimate act.

5 Ways To Spark Intimacy In Your Marriage:

1. Communicate With Each Other:

Communicate With Each Other

This is beyond the normal day to day conversation, rather it means being together in a cool and relaxing atmosphere to spend quality time communicating with each other.

Be open with one another, make eye contact, share your heart with him, and be a good listener. This is the appropriate time to discuss your emotional needs, issues or goals you may need to resolve, and things God has bestowed in your heart. Quality communication promotes intimacy in marriage!


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