5 Emotional Questions To Immediately Revive Your Marriage

It’s not because we say the words “for worse” means it should be used as an excuse to be worse in our marriage. One thing I’ve learned over the years, is that being humble in marriage, goes a long way in maintaining the love, peace and unity in your relationship.

I am a type person that’s always looking for ways to improve myself, including my marriage. I understand the bible says, no one is perfect except God, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work towards perfection. I must say, my marriage is not anywhere close to perfection, it’s still a work in progress. But my husband and I are doing our best to continually improve our marriage.

Each questions you’re about to read, has one sole purpose, that’s to improve or revive your marriage.


Before you ask your spouse these questions, you need to try your best to be humble. Some of the answers may not be too pleasing, some may shock you. But in the end, it’ll have a huge impact in your marriage. Once again, take a few minute and read through the questions and descriptions. These are just little precautions to put you in the right mindset.


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