2 Golden Rules To A Happy Marriage (And How To Apply It)

Sometimes you feel like there’s a distance starting to happen between the both of you. How can you survive and thrive literally in a marriage with all these differences?

Different challenges occur in marriages and you need to find ways to keep the marriage alive and thriving. For me and my wife we’ve raised three children. Yes! two of them are married, one is still in high school and we are still mentally sane, connected and passionately in love.

What’s our secret? How do you do this? Well it’s got to be some golden rules. What kind of rules do we have that helped us get to this place. In this article i have revealed two golden rules to a happy marriage.

Rule Number #1: Talk

Communicate With Each Other

We got to be in a place where we can have conversations, get to talk to each other. Even after being married for 27 years to my wife, we’re very different. We think differently and therefore we talk differently.

Trying to understand each other’s world through communication, because she has her point of view and I have my point of view, that are usually different from her line of thought.

Communication makes a big difference in being able to understand each other’s point of view. Our success as a married couple is not because we are exactly the same, it’s because we have differences.

It’s not about being the same person, it’s about how to talk through the differences. Because my wife has ideas of things that I’ve never thought about. I have ideas that she’s never thought about.

This gives us so many options of how to solve problems. There is nothing bad about having a difference of an opinion.

What’s bad is when you battling each other trying to convince or force the other person to believe your way. What’s also bad is if you go the other direction and just stop talking.

But if you can talk through the scenarios and talk to each other and share your thoughts and different points of view, wow! You can come up with some brilliant ideas.

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Rule Number #2. Touch

How to Win His Heart

Well! what does that mean?Does it mean walking up to touch your partner. No! What this means is holding hands. Even after 27 years, it’s okay to hold hands and it’s okay to hold each other and be with each other.

But be sure to check in with yourself. Are you still touching? Do you still want to sit beside each other on the couch? Do you still?

When you go to the restaurant for dinner, do you sit 10 feet away from each other on the other side of table? Or do you want to sit side by side on the same side of the table? Now, that’s romantic 🙂

Yes, that drives everybody else crazy. But when it comes to the second part of the golden rules for marriage, if you start to lose touch, there becomes some distance between the two of you.

This is because touch gives off a message of acceptance. For instance if a couple hold hands or hugs ten times during the day or kisses ten times during the day, it strengthens their bond together.

There’s not enough words in the world to replace what it feels like to have your partner’s hand in your hand. But if the touch starts to dwindle it creates distance between the couple through lack of touch, you’ll also notice distant in the lack of conversation.

We don’t have to solve each other’s problems all the time. But we can help each other feel better through that loving touch.

So, the two golden rules are… Number 1 is talk and then number 2 is touch.

Take a look at this today and check in on your marriage and see how you’re doing in that area.

Increase the number of times that you touch during the day. Also, having a great conversation before you go to bed at night just helps the two of you feel super connected.

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